Friday, January 7, 2011

Sandlin on Prayer

Here is a link that I wanted to share with some of my readers from a preacher by the name of Richard D. Sandlin. In today’s post, he answers a question about prayer and I found it very helpful, and hope you do as well. My personal summary: there are no cookie cutters when it comes to prayer and a prayer life.


  1. We must remember that we are talking with our Lord -- not filling in a template. How we speak with Him, how He responds to us is unique. Simply put, walk humbly with our Lord. Excellent reference - thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Brother Brad -

    Thank you for sharing that wise counsel. Indeed it has deep benefits. Yes, prayer is a lot about the heart conditions as our Lord looks on the hearts. Also, I agree with Grammy Blick, " He responds to us is unique."

    If you are so inclined, I have a SEPARATE TAB tab on my blog called, "PRAYING GOD'S WORDS." The content under that tab may be of interest to you, as well as the subsequent comments.

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