Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/1/11 - A Prayer Of Worshiping the Creator and Not the Creature

{I am beginning a new Bible reading program - you can find it here My goal is to write about what I read, and pen a prayer (much like the psalmist) for what God places upon my heart for that day. I will do my best to post often, but there are some days that I don't get to the blog.}

1/1/11 - As I read this morning, I was moved with how often and how quickly the created will stop worshiping their Creator and instead move their focus to the creation. This is a form of simple idolatry. But, as I read Paul's words, I am reminded of the power of the Gospel in leading sinful man to turn from their false idols to the true God of Heaven. Yet, if it were not for God's grace and mercy, we today would be no greater than, and in the same predicament as Sodom and Gomorrah. In turning from our idols to the living and true God, our responsibility is to not restore or bring about the kingdom, but to go out in the power of the Holy Ghost and be a witness to those around us, and to those all around the world. This is the outpouring of biblical worship of the Creator of all things.

Father, we come before you today Lord convicted and ashamed that we are so quick to turn from you to worship the idols made of our hands, whether those idols are physical or mental. May the grace and mercy of your Gospel and the power of the resurrection be evident in our lives every day as we worship you and you alone. Help us Lord to make your goals our goals, your desires our desires. If it were not for Your grace and mercy, we would be destroyed in everlasting punishment like Sodom and Gomorrah. As we return to you our complete mind, heart, and body, let us to do so in the power of your Spirit witnessing to all those we come in contact with. And may your power and protection be upon those faithful men, women, boys and girls who, by faith, leave the comforts of their environments to go and spread your Gospel of Grace to a lost and dying world. We pray this in the name of your precious Son, Jesus. Amen.

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  1. Amen. It appears easy to look upon all He has done -- and find something we can worship in substitution. May God help us keep His will before us that He may receive the glory for what He does.