Saturday, January 15, 2011

Book Review: The Faith of Ronald Reagan by Mary Beth Brown

The Faith of Ronald Reagan

I was excited to receive this book in the mail and to get started in it. President Reagan was really the first President that I could remember living under from my childhood, thought I did not remember much. There is so much to learn from him, but it is surprising how little has been written about his faith. Mary Beth Brown does her best to change that, and has put together a book that is not only easy to read, but enjoyable, too.

I found the book interesting because it seems to spend the majority of its time with President Reagan’s early years and childhood family. Especially prominent in this book is his mother, who shaped him spiritually. Knowing that President Reagan was one of the first presidents to unite the evangelicals and Catholics under certain political issues (anti-abortion, etc.) makes a little more sense after reading this book and learning about President Reagan growing up in a home with a Christian mother and a Catholic father.

The book does a decent, but not great, job a showing that he was not a perfect man. It does delve a little into his divorce and other issues, that you do not feel that the author is necessarily “sainting” him or putting him on a unreachable pedestal.

While, as an Independent, Fundamental Baptist I may not agree theologically with every aspect of President Reagan’s faith, there is much to respect about his faith, especially in prayer. This is a book that I can whole-heartedly recommend to you.

On a side note to all Bible preachers and teachers: there are many good illustrations and stories that you could use in this book from his life about prayer, faith, family, etc.

This book was provided for review by Thomas Nelson.

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