Tuesday, January 4, 2011

1/4/11–A Prayer To Exercise Faith

Today, I was reminded how righteousness is not imputed unto us by or through the keeping of the Law, but by faith. Abraham’s righteousness had nothing to do with circumcision because he had righteousness imputed onto him BEFORE circumcision came. Knowing that we are imputed righteousness through nothing of our own doing should strengthen us in our faith. No matter how difficult the task that God has laid before us, we should exercise strong faith in the One who gave us the task; who is the same One who will accomplish the task.

Heavenly Father, I am humbled today by your grace and mercy. Forgive me Father for my lack of faith, and the weakness of my faith when I doubt the task ahead of me. Give me a strong faith, like Abraham, so that I may not stagger at your promises and plans for my life. Help me to be fully persuaded that you have placed me here and given me a responsibility, not so that I can fail, but so that through strong faith you may work in me and through me to accomplish that which you see fit. Strengthen my faith in you today. In Jesus’ wonderful name. Amen.

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