Monday, August 4, 2008

Results from this years Vacation Bible School

The Lord was gracious to us and gave us a great Bible School this year. Though we did not have as many accept the Lord as their Saviour this year as in years pasts, we seemed to have picked up some new people (kids and adults) that might actually "stick" this time. In years past, we had many kids who visited from out of town or other churches. And while we always will do whatever we can to get the Gospel to a child, it was nice this year to come away from the week with some prospects for the church.

Here is one story that I will share with you from last week:

On Monday night we led a young man to the Lord. Afterwards, he was so excited to be saved that he ran around his house and street when he got home telling everyone what had happened to him. Well, his daddy works with one of the men in our church and asked the next day at work what did his son mean by that he was saved. Well, the man from our church had witnessed to him many times before, and began to again. One of the questions that he asked was, "Well, did you read the pamphlet that we sent home with him explaining what happened?" His answer was no, but he would read it first thing when he gets home.

Now, in this pamphlet that we give out to a child who accepts Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, it explains to the parent that we taught their child, from the Bible, the plan of salvation and they accepted it - then it gives the parent a chance to do the same. Well, the next day at work our church member goes up to him and begins to talk to him about the Lord again when this boy's dad says ,"I went home and read that pamphlet and believed it and asked Jesus to be my Saviour." They both, along with the mom and sister, came to church Sunday Morning and came forward during the invitation time and made public their profession of faith.

Well, the Lord laid it on my heart a couple of weeks ago to begin preaching on Sunday's about the miracles of Christ. I began the week before with the first one, and was preaching on the second one yesterday about the Nobleman's son who was healed. I preached, among many things, how it took this son to get the father to Jesus, and the rest of his house to believe - And Praise the Lord God allowed it to happen right before our eyes that day.

We serve a God who is still in the miracle happening business! Pray for me as I meet with this family to speak to the mother about her salvation, and that they will follow through in believer's baptism.