Saturday, July 17, 2010

Psalm 118:24 - Be In It

A Devotional Outline From Psalm 118:24
1.     The Creation - This is the day which the Lord hath made
a.     God is the creator.
b.     God made this day just for us.
c.      If God had no use for you – He would not give you today.
d.     God gives us the day – what we do with it is our choice.
e.     Change starts one day at a time:
                     i.      Michelangelo – 4 years paint Sistine Chapel. Spent 10-12 hours a day on a small section just several inches wide.
                     ii.      Focused on the overall picture, while concentrating on the small task at hand.
                     iii.      Think about where you want your life to end up for the Lord, and every day, little by little, begin to implement it.
2.     The Choice - We will rejoice and be glad
a.     We have a choice to rejoice and be glad in God today – but many allow their circumstances to dictate their feelings.
b.     As Charles Spurgeon says in his commentary – What else can we do?
c.      When we really get down to it – we have so much to be thankful for.
d.     We focus on the few negatives while overlooking all the positives.
e.     EX: Tree-line while fishing. Focusing on the one dead tree and missing all the other beautiful ones
3.     The Circumstances - In it
a.     Here is the key – “in it.”
b.     Don’t live your life in the past
                     i.      Many suffer from the Use-ta’s – come to church, teach, choir, soul-win
c.      Don’t live in the future
                     i.      “I have some issues to work out. But once I do, THEN I will come to church, teach, choir, soul-win, etc.”
d.     As many athletic coaches have said over the years – we are in it to win it.
e.     Live today to its fullest for the Lord.
f.       Get started today.

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  1. There are so many assumptions made in every verse -- your outline here brings so many of them to the front.

    Simply saying the Lord made a day assumes that a Lord exits, the reader knows who this Lord is, that the Lord is a creator, great enough to create a single day and all that is involved in its existence.

    Too often we simply look at the words without reading the message.