Monday, September 9, 2013

Sign #2 That You Might Be A Pharisee

If you have not sone so, read Sign #1 first.

Today, we see the second sign that you might be a Pharisee (by the way, are you, like me, having trouble not saying the phrase "You might be a Pharisee" in the voice of Jeff Foxworthy? Thought so!):

#2 - You Are More Worried About Building Your Own Kingdom At The Eternal Expense Of Others - Matthew 23:15

As we read this, we understand that Jesus was not chastising them for going to the far reaches of the world to make converts. The problem was what they were converting them to. They were not leading people to a faith-based relationship with the LORD, but were enlisting them in their own religious institution. They put in much labor, but not for the right reason.

Maybe it is just me, but I can see all around how this attitude has crept into many of our churches. We emphasis coming to church, but rarely do we push for people to come to Jesus. Our prayer usually goes something like, "Please pray for ____________ that they will come to church." And once they do, we rejoice...and do nothing else. Pretty soon, after many weeks and months of coming, they are entrenched into the membership roll of the church - but are not on heaven's membership roll.

Sometimes it is seen in the fact that we are guilty about proclaiming our own standards, way of doing things, etc. as eternal truth. We become more worried that people are formed to our mould of what is "God's way" at the expense of their own spiritual growth. Instead of making disciples who are Christlike, we are forming miniature versions of ourselves.

Too many pastors and Christians are trying to play the role of the Holy Spirit in every one's life. Our job is to declare God's eternal truth and allow His people to live as He directs them.

How have you seen this attitude played out today in the church?

What is the remedy?

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