Monday, April 15, 2013

America: Be The Change Needed

As news filters out about the terrible tragedy of the bombing of the Boston Marathon and prayers are lifted up on their behalf, my mind began to think of the recent outbreaks of mass killings here in America. Whether it be a movie theater, school, or a sports event, one thing is true - the violence that we see oversees has made its way to our shores. I am sure many people have their theories why, and I have mine. And while many will use the suffering and tragedy of others as their own personal soap box for whichever side of the issue they fall on, that should not be our focus. The "why" is not important at times like this, the "what" is more important.

What ever the reason, one thing remains the same: the Church needs to be the Church, and Christians need to be Christians. The more salt and light that exist, the less of these tragedies we see. Instead of lamenting why, lets seek ways to be used of God to be agents of change. Start with your city, your street, your house - you heart. Just start. If you won't, who will?

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