Friday, November 16, 2012

The Idolatry of Ideology

The Bible has much to say against the worship of idols. I assume that most of those who read this blog understand that. I also assume that most of those who read this blog understand that an idol is not necessarily a statue that you bow down to. It can be money, a job, a hobby, etc. But have you ever considered that your ideologies could be your idol? Especially your political ideologies?

It seemed to me, via the different social media avenues, that many Christians were convinced that this election was a test of God. Not a test FROM God, but a test OF God. By that I mean that many posted, tweeted, shared, and emailed pictures, statements, and links with the thought that God HAD to elect people and pass laws the way they saw it or God's whole eternal plan would collapse.

So, what was the response when the election did not turn out like they thought? Most have gone "old school" and reverted to children on the playground when things don't go their way and they decide to take their toys and go home! This attitude reveals that too many place their hope in a government and not God. The last time I checked, God did some pretty amazing things in the Bible while ruthless, corrupt men ruled as kings and queens.

Many Christians, just mere days removed from an election, have revealed a couple truths about themselves:

1. They live in "insular vacuums" and have lost touch with the reality of the people who they are called to minister to. Just because everyone in our small circle of influence agrees with us, that does not mean it represents the majority.

2. In spite of what they may say, their real hope is place in elected officials and not the Sovereign God. Isn't the Bible pretty clear that God works through His Church, not the government? Whose responsibility is it to preach the Gospel, take care of the poor and widows, love the unlovable? Maybe if the church did a better job of it, some political parties wouldn't feel the need to legislate it?

God did not save us to propagate a political ideology, but His Gospel.

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