Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fountain Pen Review: Lamy Safari Fine Tip

Lamy safari_blue_FH

{This my first foray into Fountain Pen Reviews}

Today, I am reviewing the Lamy Safari Fountain Pen with a fine nib that I purchased from Up front let me tell you that I am some what of a “rookie” when it comes to using Fountain Pens. I already had a couple of other brands that were Med nib (I will review those in the coming weeks), and so I was looking for something that was a fine nib that I could use everyday, and did not cost too much. Here are my thoughts:

  • The Fine Nib – I wasn’t quit sure how I felt about writing with it when I first got it. It seemed “scratchy” when I first started writing with it, but after a  couple of times that issue no longer exist. Some of that may be to the fact that I just put the ink cartridge in and began to write without doing any prep work to the nib.
  • It has a viewing window for the ink, but serves no purpose for me as I am using the blue ink cartridge that came with it. I am looking forward to getting a convertor for it and filling my own ink. The ink that comes with it seems to have a little bit of fading issue, but that may be do more to the paper I am writing on with it.
  • The clip – this was the biggest obstacle I had in purchasing this pen. I just could not decide if I liked this style of clip, or not. It is definitely unique, and while it may not be the most elegantly designed, it is very practical in use and I am liking more and more as I use this pen every day.
  • It also has a flat edge grip, or what they call a comfortable grip. Usually I am not a fan of non-rounded pens and extra grips, but this one works for me.

Overall, this has been a great, every day fountain pen and I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants one but does not want to spend a lot of money.

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