Monday, May 23, 2011

eBook Review: Roadmap Through Revelation by Rick Schworer

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INTRO (from the book’s website):

For those who’ve picked up Revelation and wondered why Armageddon happens more than once, or which comes first, the Trumpets, the Vials, or the Seals, this is a book that will clearly chart out for you a timeline of events, harmonizing the four accounts of Christ’s Second Coming.

Whether you are new to Revelation or have studied it for years, you will enjoy the short stories that bring Revelation to life. Experience the faceoff between the two witnesses and the Antichrist at the temple. Watch as a living, breathing statue commands the world to worship the Antichrist and receive his mark. Rejoice as the Messiah rescues His chosen people hiding within the rock city of Petra.

This book will help to answer your questions with an in-depth look at the three raptures, the seventy-five days between the Tribulation and the Millennium, the differences between the Red Dragon, the Beast of the Sea, and the Beast of the Earth, and Daniel’s Beast; as well as the history of Baal, Nimrod, and Babylon.
Rev. 1:3, “Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

WHAT I LIKED: This was a very easy to read study on the Book of Revelation. It was not technical, had had a lot of “fact-based hypothesis” on what it might be like experiencing the book of Revelation as it unfolds. The author is very well studied in not only the Book of Revelation, but Old Testament prophecy and church history.

WHAT I MIGHT CHANGE: What I liked is also what seemed to take a little bit away from the book. Sometimes, the author’s ideas on how he thinks it will play out bleed into the actual text and interpretation of the Scriptures, in my mind. I had to remind myself every now and then that  it was his interpretation and not concrete facts from the Bible (though, you need that in a prophetic book like Revelation).

MY RECOMMENDATION: While this is not necessarily a technical, verse by verse commentary on the Book of Revelation,  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is studying the book. The author makes it clear that you will not agree with everything you read in his book in his introduction, and if you keep this in mind, you will greatly enjoy it and glean much from it.


This eBook was given to me free by the author to review.

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  1. Isn't the author's premise that the seals, trumpets and bowls/vials are parallel to each other, rather than followed by each other? That in itself is totally contrary to the book of Revelation - which shows that it is the seventh seal that opens up the trumpets, and the seventh trumpet that opens up the bowls/vials.