Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Never Satisfied

Proverbs 27:20 Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied.

We live in a day and age were few people are ever truly satisfied. Just as Hell and the grave are always ready to receive the next person, the eye, or desires of man, are never satisfied. In ministering to individuals, I have observed how many are never satisfied when it comes to their job or their spouse. Their eye is always drawn to the negatives and the flaws and not the positives and the blessings. They always think that there is more to be offered and that they could do much better somewhere else with someone else.
Many people in America have become spoiled and now look at their faith and their Christianity in the same manner. The common mindset is, "What can I get out of it?" instead of, "What can I give to it?" People now walk into churches with shopping lists, and are no longer Spirit led. The problem with this is that we will never find the perfect church because it does not exist here on this side of eternity. There will always be some facet of it that does not meet your expectation. Yet, if it was the perfect church, you would not be allowed to join!  The real danger with this mindset is that it puts us in a critical spirit. A person who tries to serve the Lord in this manner will always feel as if they sacrificed and lowered their standard just to join a church.
We need to put aside the mindset of Lot (who looked and chose Sodom because of what it could offer), and take the mindset of Philip (who obeyed the leading of the Holy Spirit and left a very successful area of ministry to go and reach one Ethiopian eunuch in the desert). I leave you with a quote from Evangelsit Jayson Godsey (http://evangelistjaysongodsey.com/): We need to put aside the grocery shopping/garage saling mentality when looking for the will of God.


  1. It comes down to Lucifer's "I will ..." as opposed to Christ's "Thy will be done." Until we can focus on the first commandment and love God with all our heart, we won't understand what He has to offer.

    Reminds me of the old Sunday School Class name: JOY, Jesus first, others second, ourselves last.

  2. Dear Brother,

    I as well have seen this, people let go of the cord and the bridle is loosen. They have are not in control it is their appetite that controls them. For if one is not satisfied with the least then they will not be satisfied with an increase.

    Brother in bonds