Sunday, May 2, 2010

Proverb a Day in May - May 2nd/Chapter 2

Today, Chapter 2 paints a little more of a positive picture in that it deals with the blessings of listening to and following after wisdom. You notice how Solomon teaches us that when we follow wisdom, we will not follow after the wicked. There is a conundrum today of Christians who claim to be sold-out for Christ, yet they are surrounded by wickedness. The two cannot and do not go together. I sure hope no one reading this today forsakes wisdom and follows after wickedness by not attending a Bible-teaching and preaching church!

Have a great day worshipping the Lord in your church today. If you live in the Westland, MI, area do not have a church that you attend regularly, let me invite you to the First Baptist Church. Our address is 1033 S. Wildwood, Westland, MI 48186, and our morning worship service starts at 11:00 am and our evening service is at 6:00 pm.

In between services, give me your thoughts on Chapter 2, and if you would like, share with us a blessing from your church service today.


  1. This chapter seemed very straight forward to me. Spend your time with your own kind. Do not run with the rough bunch and therefore keep temptation at bay.

  2. "Spend time with your own kind" - I will use that later!

  3. Great day at church today. Enjoying the Proverb-a-day study.

  4. Church was great today! Enjoyed spending time with my own kind. ;o)

    I wanted to comment about the confidence we can have when we "walk uprightly", so that Yehovah God is our buckler (vs 7) and preserveth the way of his saints (vs 8). Amen!

  5. Ways and Paths! God clearly has a way and path for each believer. This chapter commands us to do the right thing. Verses 1-4 we see our preparation "if" we, thenthe promises of God are manifest to us. Choose the right path folks, keep it on the narrow and don't give into that wide way.

    Great news from Cornerstone Baptist in Fort Worth! After three weeks of our people ministering in India, right at 5,000 saved in Eastern India.

    Joel 2:13 ----- rend your heart not your garments!
    It's time for America to repent and turn back to God, stop showing this outward fake show of so called turning and really tear at our hearts and allow God to bless us again.

  6. Thanks for sharing that info Bro. Allen. I am glad that Mrs. Herrell sent us a letter and allowed our church to have a part in it by helping with some Bibles. PTL!

  7. We discussed much on this. Academically we discussed Similes & Metaphors.

    "He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly." 2:7

    Colby tells me he knows that the Lord is his shield (buckler) and reminds me he is also his sword. :)

    It is our understanding that the "she" in proverb 1 & "her" in proverb 2 is referring to "knowledge/wisdom."

    We will both be journaling: "If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasure." 2:4

    (Colby says: I like this verse...and I like this chapter. :)