Saturday, April 24, 2010

Proverb in May Preview

Hello everyone. As I mentioned in church, we will begin a new program this coming May: A Proverb a Day in May. I am encouraging everyone in our church (and those of you who read this blog who do not attend our church) to read a Proverb a day (Ex: chapter 1 on the 1st, chapter 2 on the 2nd, etc.). Every morning at 6am EST, I will post a thought about that day's chapter for you to read along with the Proverb. Then, you are encouraged to leave your thoughts or questions in the comment section.

The goal is to encourage each other in our Bible reading, while at the same time fostering an atmosphere of discussion and edification. We spend so much of our time speaking and discussing subjects that, though not bad, do nothing to edify us spiritually. I would like to change that, so let me encourage you to get involved and not only read the chapter that day, but to discuss it here.

To leave a comment and read other people's comments and question, just click on the word "Comment" at the bottom of each blog post. If you leave a comment, do make sure that your name is attached (unless you want to remain anonymous), and check back on the comment section periodically to catch up on the discussion. If you are new to this blog, and blog's in general, please feel free to "practice" leaving a comment on this post.


  1. Looking forward to reading every one's thoughts and comments and questions! DON'T BE SCARED! We spend so much time worrying about what others think that we never say anything - and never learn! If you have a question, then it is likely someone else does as well.

    NO ONE WILL BE BELITTLED FOR THEIR QUESTIONS OR THOUGHTS. This is a place to learn and be encouraged. If something is said that is not Biblical it will be corrected, but in a spirit of grace and love.

  2. Looking foward to it. There's so much richness in Proverbs and I never tire of reading them. I'll set a reminder.